How You Can Help Nepal

It is no secret, the magnitude- 7.8 earthquake has devastated Nepal. The death toll has surpassed 7,000 and many of the country’s historic monuments and temples have been destroyed. Relief efforts are pouring in, but to help Nepal rebuild and sustain it’s culture is going to prove to be difficult when the country’s vital tourist industry has taken such a major hit, adding fuel to the fire set on Nepal’s Economy.

According to Nepal Earthquake 2015: Aftershocks Devastate Nepal’s Tourism Industry, Everest, Unesco Sites, International Business Times, “In the short term, Nepal is going to see its tourism fall to near zero levels,” travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt told International Business Times by phone. “The devastation appears to be so widespread and extensive, it’s understandable.”

Physical aide and food are a primary concern immediately following any natural disaster. However, the initial relief efforts eventually taper off and what helps the affected economy rehabilitate? For Nepal, the tourism industry is going to be a major component in the rehabilitation of their economy.

“More than 8 percent of the country’s $19.29 billion GDP in 2013 came from its tourism industry, the World Travel and Tourism Council reported. Foreign exchange earnings from tourism accounted for about 20 percent of the country’s export earnings in 2013, Nepal’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation said.”

That is roughly 1.5 billion dollars afforded to Nepal’s economy by the tourism industry. Nepal is going to need aide in rebuilding tourist attractions and accommodations in order to rebuild their economy as a whole. This is the kind of help that does not always provide instant gratification, but gratification as the country in rehabilitated brick by brick.

To donate Nepal’s Recovery Fund please click here


Parlez-vous polite? Paris Wants Happy Tourists

Paris is aware of their dwindling economy, and tourism officials know that tourism is an important piece of putting that puzzle back together.  To make sure tourists are happy in Paris, tourism and commerce officials are distributing pamphlets to businesses. The pamphlets are part of the “Do you speak touriste?” movement that encourages businesses to be polite and friendly to tourists.

There is a long-standing feeling that French can be rude, especially to outsiders. This pamphlet provides a cheat sheet to taxi drivers, servers, museum workers and other merchants to meet the tourists expectations.

The six-page guide includes tips for connecting with 11 different nationalities. Their tip for Americans? The guides says they demand WiFi and enjoy high-end accommodations. It also says the Spanish like amusement parks and the Japanese need to be reassured. As for the Germans, they want to converse in their native language, German.

Tell us, what do you think about the Parisian’s efforts? Are they spot on with the assumptions about Americans? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below, write on our Facebook page or Tweet us.

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