Best Practices For Selling Travel Coverage

Buy your Travel Insurance from a reputable Agent like TravelSafe. Last month we talked about questions that surround the selling of travel protection and, how many may think its a waste. But, rest assured the goal of TravelSafe is to look after you and your Family. The article shed some light on how we are in the business of protecting and we really have the best interest of travelers in mind when creating our line of travel protection products. But where does that leave you? This time, I am going to focus on providing you with a few ideas on inspiring your clients to consider travel protection.

Travel protection is a very unique form of insurance. Unlike auto and medical, it is not legally mandated to have and while awareness surrounding the need for travel protection is rising, it seems to be towards the bottom of the insurance market food chain. We know it’s because travel protection is not required. Here at TravelSafe we are happy about that because we actually want travelers to want to purchase our product (mind blowing, I know). Travel protection is also a fairly new product across the globe when compared to its brothers and sisters.

So many travelers have yet to understand the positive qualities in protecting their travel investments. With travel protection they can embark on their voyage, knowing they have coverage if unfavorable circumstances arise. You would think knowing the risks that go along with traveling would motivate your clients to protect their travel investment, but sometimes they need to be provided with a little perspective. I guess that is why we are the insurers and the rest are the insured. We focus on risk management so others can focus on fun and relaxation. The fact is, most travelers do not think the worst could happen when they are gearing up to have the time of their lives.

So what do you do? How do you get your clients to gain awareness and understanding around the need for travel insurance without casting a dark shadow over their booking experience?

You Provide Them with Knowledge

Giving your clients information on travel protection, in a way which is easy for them to understand, is going to be beneficial to both the traveler and yourself. Let them know they have options but not it a way that overwhelms them.

When I go to the grocery store after work, I have already made 20-30 decisions throughout the day. I don’t want to be overloaded with the choice between 57 different spaghetti sauces. While it is nice to know there are 57 different choices, I am going to choose one quickly that is most relatable to my experience with spaghetti sauce. Oh, homemade basil? Yes, please! Check out.

It is the same for your clients during their travel booking process. They are already planning their vacation, which already involves a lot of decisions (most of which are exciting). They don’t want to feel overloaded with insurance information in a way that feels unrelatable.

Which leads me to my next point.

Tell a Story 

Everyone loves a good story, with good reason. We want to feel human, we want to relate to others. This is especially so in any buying process. There are so many products and a ton of information in the world, it is easy to feel like a number. If your client begins to feel like just another number in the insurance market, they will lose interest quickly.

Chances are, you have known a traveler that has lost on their travel investment because they were not properly insured. You also probably know someone who was able to protect their travel investment because they did their homework and got themselves suitable coverage. Tell those stories. If your client can relate to loss, protection and risk, they will better understand why travel protection is a good investment.

Ask a Question

Asking your clients the right questions, in regards to travel protection, will help them better understand the possibilities without making them defensive. If you tell your client their medicare coverage doesn’t apply overseas, it may make them feel as though they are in need of defending the coverage they have, even if it isn’t adequate. It is better to ask questions and help your client come to the realization there is a need for travel protection than it is to tell them they are wrong in their assumptions.

You Empower Them

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Cliche, I know, but this can have more than one meaning. You can lead your client to their dream vacation, but you cannot make them have the perfect trip. You cannot stop the clouds from moving in or the hurricane from landing on their destination’s door. Really, protecting their dream vacation is up to them, just like enjoying the sand between their toes is.

Shine light on how travel protection is a way to ensure they are traveling safe and securing their investment. When we are proactive in our lives, we put the what ifs behind us and take one step towards enjoy each moment for what it is and that is a good feeling.

Check out this infographic that can clear the air on travel protection


There’s an Elephant in the Room

& We Are Happy to Announce it’s Us

Elephant's Tea Party, Robur Tea Room, 03/24/1939 by Sam Hood and the State Library of New South Wales

Elephant’s Tea Party, Robur Tea Room, 03/24/1939 by Sam Hood and the State Library of New South Wales

There isn’t much in this world that emanates freedom and excitement like travel. The positive vibes surrounding travel fill the halls of the industry and the hearts of those who work in it, but even with all of the positivity the industry has to offer, there is still an elephant in the room, and it isn’t what you think.

The negative implications normally associated with travel insurance are worth mention. When Travel Agents enter the booking process, our elephant stands in the far corner with its presence looming while the agent waits for the proper moment to say the words, “Would you like to purchase travel insurance?”

The thing is, insurance would not exist if unfortunate events never occurred. Yes, travel protection was invented because someone decided to stare calamity square in the eyes and attempt to limit its effect. No, we cannot stop a hurricane from knocking on any destination’s door and we can’t predict the future. What we can do is try, to the best of our ability, protecting your traveler’s investments and their future.

While there are travel agents who swear by travel protection, there are still those who continue to misunderstand its purpose. We are in the business of protecting. We protect an industry that creates irreplaceable happiness and experience. Safeguarding travel investments is about more than just the traveler; it encompasses the travel industry as a whole. And while we are not always perfect, we continuously strive to improve ourselves and the products we offer.

As a travel protection provider, we plan for the unexpected. We work together to prepare for events we all hope never happen. We should approach the future with practicality and realism. So remember, when you are sitting with your clients planning their next vacation, the elephant who sits in the corner does not represent negativity but, instead, represents preservation of the industry you love. Travel protection is the elephant in the room. For the industry, we are wearing steel armor.


34.1 Million Travelers Taking Off for Labor Day

Labor Day is right around the corner, and according to AAA Travel, 34.1 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the upcoming holiday. This is a 4.2 percent increase from the 32.7 million people who traveled last year. Holiday air travel is expected to increase as well by nearly three percent to 2.61 million.

What is the cause of this increase in Labor Day travel? AAA predicts it’s due to higher consumer spending and the improving housing market. The Labor Day holiday travel period, defined as Thursday, Aug. 29 to Monday, Sept. 2, is a popular time for travelers to take off because of the long weekend and typically nice weather.

How much do travelers usually spend on their long-weekend vacations? AAA reports the average traveler is expected to spend $804 and travel a round-trip distance of 594 miles.

In fact, more than 2.61 million leisure travelers will arrive at their destination by air. If those passengers experience flight delays or cancellations, or their luggage is damaged, lost or stolen, travel insurance can provide coverage.

If you’re one of these travelers heading out for Labor Day, make sure you’re protected against the unexpected of travel. It is important add travel insurance to your travel package because it protects your travel investment, provides medical coverage and can make the difference between a disaster and a great vacation.

If you have questions about how travel insurance can protect you and your family on your next vacation, please call us at 888-885-7233 or leave a comment below. We’d be happy to answer your questions.


Cruise News: Carnival Supporting Travel Agents

Carnival Cruise Lines will be launching its fall television commercials soon. While that is not big news, they said travel agents will be included in the upcoming campaign. In fact, according to Carnival, the 30-second ads will feature a call to action that asks viewers to consult a travel agent.

While, Carnival said 60-second TV commercials will close with a simple image and brand logo, the call to action will appear in e-mails and direct mailings.

Tell us, since Carnival is including this call to action and started a program to improve travel agent relations in July, are you more likely to book your clients on a Carnival cruise? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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New and Improved

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made enhancements to our website! The new improvements will enhance your experience on include a simplified enrollment process, enhanced editing capabilities and additional options for delivering quotes to your clients including via email.

In addition, you may notice changes to the Prestige plans. We will now offer two plans: Prestige and Prestige+. It is important to note that Zero Trip Cost is not allowed for the Prestige+ plans because the only difference between the Prestige and Prestige+ plans is the Cancel For Any Reason Benefit.

Another important change is there will no longer be coverage limitations for those travelers 80 or over. This means the Medical Expense/Medical Evacuation will no longer have reduced benefit limits and these travelers will be eligible for the Pre-Ex Waiver. In addition, Certificates will no longer reduce coverage based on age. Instead, it will only limit their Trip Cost and Trip Length eligibility, as it did previously. The maximum eligible trip cost remains at $15,000 and trip length is still 30 days for travelers 80 and over.

If you have any questions about these upgrades, you can leave a comment below, call us at 1-800-523-8020 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!