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How to Sell Using Your Custom Links

Each travel professional will have a link that is unique to them. This gives you the power to track each sale you make. You can email quotes and sell plans from your link, so you never miss out on credit for your sales. Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to Partner Portal ».
  2. Click on “Links.”
  3. You are automatically taken to your Custom Agent Retail Link, where you can see the maximum amount of plans you are authorized to sell.
  4. Click on the hyperlink, and you will be taken to your Custom Agent Retail Link.
  5. Now, you can begin quoting and purchasing plans for your clients, while knowing each sale is being tracked back to you!

Tip: Save your Custom Agent Retail Link to your bookmarks or desktop for quick access. You do not have to log in each time you want to sell through your custom link.

Quoting a Group

  1. Open your Protect-A-Group Census.
  2. Navigate to the bottom left of the Excel spreadsheet and select "Easy Quote."
  3. Select the appropriate plan by clicking in the green box and the dropdown arrow.
  4. After selecting the plan, enter the traveler's age, trip cost, and travel dates.
  5. The quote will automatically populate in the column titled "Cost Per Person."
  6. You can change the plan to view different premium costs for different plans. You do not need to enter the traveler's information again.

Enrolling a Group

  1. Open your Protect-A-Group Census.
  2. Navigate to the "Enrollment Sheet" tab.
  3. Select the appropriate plan. Remember, to active the dropdown arrow, you will need to click inside of the green box.
  4. Choose the destination country.
  5. Name your group.
  6. Enter the necessary payment information.
  7. Scroll to the right to enter the Primary Contact Information.
  8. Enter your Agent Number if you are an authorized travel professional with TravelSafe.
  9. Begin entering traveler information.
  10. Each time you collect payment from group members, you will need to submit the enrollment to Do not hold onto payment. Save the form with your Group Name, Agent Number, and date. We will continuously add members to your group as they come in to secure coverage.


Accessing Your Reports

With our Sales Journal, travel professionals can track their production. Check your production by following these steps:

  1. Visit the “Reports” tab at top of our screen.
  2. Select the “Sales Journal” report.
  3. Enter the dates you would like to receive a report for policies you have sold.
  4. Select “View Report.”
  5. Now you can see all policies that have been sold and settled for you.

Managing Plans Sold Prior to 12/19/2018

If you sold any plans prior to 12/19/2018, you may want to revisit and manage these plans. You can do this by visiting TravelSafe’s Legacy Dashboard using the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Use your old TravelSafe login.
  3. View any plans purchased by your clients prior to 12/19/2018.
  4. Tip: Save to your bookmarks and desktop for quick access!

Download the Travel Professional's Guide Today

This guide breaks down our Vacation Protection plans and available rates. Always use our online quoting tool for the most accurate pricing.

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Travel Agent FAQ

At TravelSafe, we value the agents who sell our products. That’s why we’ll do everything we can to answer any questions you may have. Here are some questions asked frequently by agents about TravelSafe Insurance.

*Please note that a final claims determination is made based upon both the policy provisions and the written documentation we receive with your claim submission.

TravelSafe has recently made some changes. This means the login you previously had with TravelSafe may not work and you may need to reach out to update your information. Visit this webpage to request your new login and custom link. If you need further assistance, please call TravelSafe at 800-523-8020 or email

Yes! Please go to to view your policies sold prior to December 19th, 2018. Please use your previous TravelSafe Agent Portal credentials for this portal.

When you quote a plan for your client, you use the age they are at the time. However, for all TravelSafe plans, the official age of the traveler is determined on the effective date of their plan. If their birth date is 1 day after the day you are quoting their plan, and they are moved into a different age bracket, the plan cost will be adjusted as you enter their official birthdate on the enrollment page.

Let’s break it down:

My client is 55 years of age on July 1st, 2019, when I quoted their plan. Their birthdate is July 2nd, 1964. I enter their birthdate in on the enrollment plan. Their effective date is July 2nd, 2019. So, on their effective date, they are actually 56 years old and the premium will be reflective of their age on that day.

All changes and cancellations will be managed by Team TravelSafe. You can email requests to or simply call 800-523-8020 to speak to a live customer service representative. All changes and cancellations will be handle in 1-2 business days provided we have all necessary documentation at the time of request.

TravelSafe offers plans with several levels of protection, all at competitive prices. While it is possible to pay less through a cruise or tour operator, the coverage and benefits are generally going to be more restrictive and provide lower benefit limits. TravelSafe’s plans will allow your clients to relax and enjoy their vacation, without fearing the burden of high medical bills or other circumstances TravelSafe covers.

There are many other advantages to insuring with a third-party provider like TravelSafe, such as protection from bankruptcy or default of your clients cruise or tour provider, 24-hour emergency assistance from anywhere in the world, and direct payment to your medical provider in the event of an emergency. Plus, many cruise and tour insurance plans only cover clients during the time they are hosting them, and may only offer credit rather than cash in the event of a claim. TravelSafe protects your client before, during and after their trip, and our claims are paid in cash. We also provide commission protection for agents as well!

With the “Cancel For Any Reason” benefit, your client can cancel their trip for any reason not otherwise covered by the policy, and be reimbursed for 75% of the unused nonrefundable and prepaid expenses for Travel Arrangements paid for the trip.

To be eligible for this coverage your client must do the following:

  1. The premium payment must be received within 21 days of the date the initial deposit or payment for the trip is received.
  2. Your client must cover the full cost of all travel arrangements.
  3. Your client must cancel their trip 2 days or more before the scheduled trip departure date.

Definition: Medical conditions for which there is treatment; or a recommendation for treatment, diagnostic test or exam; or for which drugs or medicine are prescribed during the 60-day period prior to your client’s effective date with TravelSafe are considered Pre-Existing Conditions.

To see if the medical condition is a Pre-Existing Condition, we look back 60 days prior to the effective date of your client’s insurance. This is significantly less than many of our competitors who are anywhere from 120-180 days.

The policy exclusion for Pre-Existing Conditions will be waived if your client’s premium payment is received within 21 days of the date of the initial trip deposit is paid. Unless you meet the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver requirements detailed above, the policy does not cover Pre-Existing Conditions.

Note: Medical conditions that are treated or controlled solely with medication and remain treated or controlled without an adjustment or a change in medication during the 60-day period prior to the effective date are not considered to be Pre-Existing Conditions. See the TravelSafe policy complete details about Pre-Existing Conditions.

Many TravelSafe plans allow cancellation or interruption of a trip due to terrorist acts, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The terrorist act must occur in the departure city or in a city which is a scheduled destination for the trip, and
  2. The terrorist act must occur within 30 days of the scheduled departure date for the trip.

Yes, TravelSafe’s coverage protects your client for travel anywhere in the world where travel is permitted.

TravelSafe protects your client in several ways. If a flight is canceled due to bad weather, mechanical breakdown of the aircraft on which your client is scheduled to travel, or an unannounced strike (provided the strike occurs after premium has been paid), your client can take a later flight. Our 24-hour emergency assistance service can make all the arrangements.

Your client will be reimbursed for any additional transportation expenses to join his/her trip, less any refunds paid or payable for their original tickets and not to exceed the cost of one-way economy airfare, or first class if the original tickets were first class.

Plus, your client will be reimbursed for the cost of any unused land or water travel arrangements.

The Trip Cancellation Benefit covers cancellation of a trip within 24 hours of the scheduled departure date and time if the trip destination is under a hurricane warning issued by the NOAA National Hurricane Center, provided the cancellation of the trip occurs more than 15 days following the effective date of coverage for the trip cancellation benefits. Other than this, the policy does not provide coverage if a trip is canceled based upon what might happen. See the TravelSafe policy for complete details of this coverage.

Yes. You should determine the premium amount based upon the total cost of the trip per person, including airfare, port charges, taxes, etc. You do not need to include the cost of any travel arrangements that are fully refundable and not subject to any cancellation penalties or restrictions.

If you have not insured the full cost of all Travel Arrangements that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions:

  1. The maximum benefit for Trip Cancellation will be limited to the amount of coverage purchased and Trip Interruption will be limited to the stated percentage of the amount coverage purchased for the trip; and
  2. For plans which include a Cancel For Any Reason Benefit or have bankruptcy or default protection, there will be no coverage afforded.

Up to nine (9) travelers who are traveling together and have the same trip itinerary, departure and return date and who are paying together with the same credit card may be placed on the same policy. Our fax and paper enrollment forms only include space for four (4) travelers. If you have more than four travelers on any one enrollment, we encourage you to enter this enrollment via the TravelSafe website,

TravelSafe provides coverage for medical expenses resulting from an illness or injury during a trip. TravelSafe includes a 24-hour worldwide assistance service to help your client with medical or legal emergencies during a trip and your client should call this number as soon as possible when an emergency occurs. If a medical evacuation is required, we will arrange and pay for medical transportation to a medical facility where appropriate treatment is available and/or to a hospital of your client’s choice where he/she resides. See TravelSafe policy for complete details of this coverage.

A variety of training materials are available and webinars are conducted on a frequent basis, check your agent dashboard for upcoming webinars. Call TravelSafe’s headquarters at (888) 885-7233 to discuss your particular needs.

TravelSafe Insurance is available exclusively to citizens or legal residents of the USA. Eligibility for purchase will be confirmed on all claims. If it is determined that a person is not a citizen or legal resident of the USA, his/her claim will be denied and premium will be refunded.

If you have a specific question about a TravelSafe Insurance Plan, please contact TravelSafe at (800) 523-8020 or email