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Why Buy Cruise Insurance?

Because when things go wrong, cruise insurance can help get you back to smooth sailing. If your ship departs without you because of a missed connection, cruise insurance can help you catch up. If you need emergency medical care and have to cancel your trip, the cruise supplier may not reimburse you – but your insurance can. If you need emergency evacuation, insurance can help. Cruise Safe with TravelSafe Cruise Insurance.

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If you have a travel agent with which you booked your trip and they offer you the opportunity to purchase TravelSafe through them, we encourage you to book our insurance through your agent. However, any U.S. resident can purchase our insurance, as long as you are medically able to travel at the time you purchase the insurance and you are purchasing the insurance at least one day prior to departure.

Yes! TravelSafe Insurance coverage begins when you depart on the first travel arrangement for most coverage.

For trip cancellation, coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the appropriate premium for the policy for your trip is receive by TravelSafe.

*Always be sure to read your state specific plan documents for complete coverage details as coverage may vary by state.

Hurricanes are common storms and can really mess up your cruise plans.  The Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans all experience hurricanes or typhoons, some cruises will change routes, while others will cancel. It will all depend on the severity of the storm.

With TravelSafe plans, a hurricane warning in your destination city could mean a 100% reimbursement for you prepaid travel expenses.

While it is possible to pay less through a cruise line or tour operator, it is usually because you are being offered less coverage. The benefits are more restrictive with lower limits.

TravelSafe offers plans with several levels of protection, all at competitive prices. The plans available include primary coverage for your trip, yourself and your belongings. This is all while insuring for things the cruise or tour operator cannot insure against – like bankruptcy or default.

You’ll also receive 24-hour emergency assistance from anywhere in the world, direct payment to your medical provider in the event of an emergency, and our claims are paid in cash.

Unlike TravelSafe Insurance, many cruise and tour insurance plans only cover you during the time they are hosting you. This leave you to fend for yourself before, during and after your trip should anything disrupt your travels. Should you have to file a claim with your cruise or tour operator insurance, you may receive a credit for a future excursion versus a cash claim.