File a Claim

Oh no, we’re sorry you have to file a claim, but we’ll try to make submitting your claim as easy as possible:

  1. Fill out the correct form by finding the name of your plan on your ID card or email receipt.
  2. Gather all the documents requested on the claim form and submit copies with your signed claim; this will keep your claim running smoothly.
  3. Seven Corners processes claims for TravelSafe.
  4. To get started, select your plan:

If you purchased a Trip Protection plan prior to December 19th, 2018, please use the information below:

If you need help, contact us:
(800) 461-6920 toll free
(317) 582-2629 worldwide

Watch this 90 second video and help avoid four commonly denied claims:


TravelSafe Plans - Basic, Classic, Easy, Flex, Elite

Form PDF

Trip Cancellation Claim

You were unable to depart on your covered trip.

Download Cancellation

Trip Interruption Claim

You started on your trip and then had to return home due to an unforeseen event.

Download Interruption

Baggage Claim

My baggage or personal property was lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed. Or, I rented sports equipment on my trip because mine was lost, stolen or damaged.

Download Baggage Claim


Trip Delay and Missed Connection Claim

You started your trip and were delayed more than 6 hours by a common carrier (airline, cruise line, etc.) en route to, from, or during your scheduled trip.

Download Delay

Medical Claim

You incurred medical expenses on your trip.

Download Medical

Car Accident Claim

I was involved in a car accident while driving a rental car on my trip:

Download Rental Car

  1. Please choose the form that corresponds with your plan and the type of claim you are making. It’s possible that you may have more than one type of claim to file. Choose all appropriate options.
  2. After we review your claim, we will let you know if you need to submit additional forms:
  3. Submit all of the documents using one of these methods:

Travel Medical Claim Liaison

Form PDF

Medical Claim Form

Download Medical

Payment Authorization

Download Payment Authorization

Personal Disclosure Form (PHI Disclosure Form)

This form allows us to discuss protected health information and insurance plan changes with a person you choose.
Download PHI
  1. Complete and sign the appropriate form from the list.
  2. Attach required documents.
  3. Submit all of the documents using one of these methods: