Best Travel Accessories – 2015


Frequent Flyers and Road-Junkies are always looking for the best travel accessories that help make traveling more convenient. Here at TravelSafe we understand traveling can be tough with long lines at airports and overly packed cars are not glamorous but traveling efficiently and chic is.  Here is a list of 2015’s Best Travel Accessories.

August Smart Lock

Have you ever left for vacation only to realize you forgot to leave the spare key under the mat? With August Smart Lock (compatible with iPhone and Android devices); you never have to worry about making spare keys again. Through August’s App, you can grant (even revoke) access to those you rely on while away.

Best Helpful Travel Apps 2015 – Protect your Vacation Expense with Travel Insurance

A lock that’s as smart as, well, your smart phone.


Ostrich Pillow

Napping and traveling go hand and hand. If it were only as easy and relaxing as it should be. With the Ostrich Pillow, you can nap in what would normally be an uncomfortable space with a real sense of privacy. Even better, you won’t wake up with the pesky neck cramp from resting your head on the cabin window inside of the plane!

When traveling, bury your head like an ostrich and snooze on.

Reservoir by Dark Energy

This Utah based company brings a portable charger to the market that is both sleek and compact. Able to charge most phones for up to one week, this accessory is a must have for those travel moments that keep you moving. Never again worry about your phone or tablet dying while taking a photo on your cruise or while touring Europe. For the more rugged travelers, keep your eye out for its sister product The Poseidon (available for pre-order now).

not sure you can beat this type of charge anywhere

Unisex Leather Cabin Bag by Vintage Child

Traveling with style and purpose, the Unisex Leather Cabin Bags by Vintage Child are at the top of the list in their category. This quality bag has enough room for a weekend’s worth of necessities while having the ability to hold it’s integrity and protect your items from the airport bustle. For those who only travel with a carry on, this is a must have.

be chic and efficient with this vintage cabin bag

iPad Air 2 by Apple

With an ultra-thin, lightweight design this is the perfect fit for your carry on items. You can choose up to 128 GB of storage, allowing you take your favorite movies, music, and books along with you on your travels. No more carrying around your chunky laptop, the iPad Air 2 can edit high quality photos and video, manage your business tasks, and keep you connected to the world around you.

no more pulling a bulky laptop out during your plane ride


Five Apps to Download Before You Travel

Technology can be your best friend when traveling – it allows you to check on the latest deals, get weather updates and take great photos. We’ve complied a list of the top five applications you should download to your phone or tablet to make your next trip a success.

  1. PHOTOSNYTH: How many times have you said, “A picture just wouldn’t do this justice?” Well, this free app wants to change that. The app allows you to stitch together your photos to make a 360-degree view (horizontal or vertical) of your favorite location, people or event.
  2. TRIPIT: Throw away all of those paper confirmations, documents and print outs! This free app keeps you organized by filing all of your travel information, documents and emails. It forwards your confirmation emails to one account in order to create a helpful itinerary for your trip.
  3. THE WEATHER CHANNEL: There’s no better place to go for the latest weather than The Weather Channel. With 200+ meteorologists and ultra-local forecasting technology, the app has the tools you need to plan your day, week, or even the next hour on your trip.
  4. HOTELTONIGHT: Last minute travelers, rejoice! This free app lets you pull same-day  bookings near you, which you can book beginning at noon that same day. Use this app when you want to take a last-minute trip or have sudden flight delays (don’t forget to use travel insurance for flight delays, too!).
  5. XE Currency: Converting foreign currency can be a pain and no one wants to do math on a vacation, so download this application to do it for you. XE Currency provides accurate conversions with only a few taps.

Make sure your trip goes seamlessly by downloading these applications. If you have questions about how you can cover your travel investment, leave a comment below or call us at 1-888-885-7233.

Safe Travels!