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Planning a coastal or Caribbean vacation during hurricane season can be a gamble. You may have a plan, but the important question is will the wind blow in your favor. Time and time again, hurricane history has proven their path isn’t perfectly predictable. For modern day techies, this means having an app in your tech tool belt to keep you updated on forming weather phenomena.


NOAA Now brought to you by Kelly Technology

This free app keeps you in the know about both inland and oceanic storms. The information comes right from NOAA and NASA, both reliable resources. It can give you updates on storms worldwide and there is live radar to give you a good visual. The only downfall – it does not have options for storm preparedness, evacuations routes, or emergency numbers.


SeaStorm Hurricane Tracker by Poignant Projects

For just $1.99 you can keep track of tropical storm and hurricane activity. You can also share screenshots of your findings on social media to keep friends and family in the loop while traveling. It is limited to the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins though, so if you are traveling into the Western Pacific or Indian Oceans regions, you may need to look elsewhere.


Hurricane Tracker by HTVMA Solutions

This app is not only free but all-inclusive. It includes up to date information from newsrooms and key government agencies up and down the coast, live video, forecast, local shelter, evacuation zones, and emergency numbers. Hurricane Tracker shows you when there is time for concern with its “threat meter.” Not only do you stay up to date on the latest storm patterns but you also have access to checklists to prepare your family for storm threats. The only drawback is it seems to work best for only those in the Western Atlantic region.


Hurricane – American Red Cross

Good for travelers new to hurricane preparedness. This bi-lingual app can tell you what to do before, during, and after a storm. You can monitor storms in your area as well as set locations for multiple destinations. This app enables you to find help and let others know you are safe even if the power is out. In the event of an outage, there are step by step instructions informing you on what you need to do to stay safe and updated. Hopefully this app will spread its capabilities worldwide vs. only being available in the U.S.


Hurricane HD by Kitty Code (iOS users only)

With many great features, Kitty Code brings you an app able to track Hurricanes and tropical storms globally for just $2.99. It can keep you informed on wind speed, direction, five-day forecasts, tracking maps, satellite view, iOS’s location services to tell you how far away you are from the storm. Its information comes straight from the National Hurricane Center or the Joint Typhoon Warning center which makes it great for storm tracking no matter where you are. If traveling to an area you are unfamiliar with, may want to pair with an app that can inform you on what to do in a natural disaster as well as connect you to local emergency resources and information.


Best Practices For Selling Travel Coverage

Buy your Travel Insurance from a reputable Agent like TravelSafe. Last month we talked about questions that surround the selling of travel protection and, how many may think its a waste. But, rest assured the goal of TravelSafe is to look after you and your Family. The article shed some light on how we are in the business of protecting and we really have the best interest of travelers in mind when creating our line of travel protection products. But where does that leave you? This time, I am going to focus on providing you with a few ideas on inspiring your clients to consider travel protection.

Travel protection is a very unique form of insurance. Unlike auto and medical, it is not legally mandated to have and while awareness surrounding the need for travel protection is rising, it seems to be towards the bottom of the insurance market food chain. We know it’s because travel protection is not required. Here at TravelSafe we are happy about that because we actually want travelers to want to purchase our product (mind blowing, I know). Travel protection is also a fairly new product across the globe when compared to its brothers and sisters.

So many travelers have yet to understand the positive qualities in protecting their travel investments. With travel protection they can embark on their voyage, knowing they have coverage if unfavorable circumstances arise. You would think knowing the risks that go along with traveling would motivate your clients to protect their travel investment, but sometimes they need to be provided with a little perspective. I guess that is why we are the insurers and the rest are the insured. We focus on risk management so others can focus on fun and relaxation. The fact is, most travelers do not think the worst could happen when they are gearing up to have the time of their lives.

So what do you do? How do you get your clients to gain awareness and understanding around the need for travel insurance without casting a dark shadow over their booking experience?

You Provide Them with Knowledge

Giving your clients information on travel protection, in a way which is easy for them to understand, is going to be beneficial to both the traveler and yourself. Let them know they have options but not it a way that overwhelms them.

When I go to the grocery store after work, I have already made 20-30 decisions throughout the day. I don’t want to be overloaded with the choice between 57 different spaghetti sauces. While it is nice to know there are 57 different choices, I am going to choose one quickly that is most relatable to my experience with spaghetti sauce. Oh, homemade basil? Yes, please! Check out.

It is the same for your clients during their travel booking process. They are already planning their vacation, which already involves a lot of decisions (most of which are exciting). They don’t want to feel overloaded with insurance information in a way that feels unrelatable.

Which leads me to my next point.

Tell a Story 

Everyone loves a good story, with good reason. We want to feel human, we want to relate to others. This is especially so in any buying process. There are so many products and a ton of information in the world, it is easy to feel like a number. If your client begins to feel like just another number in the insurance market, they will lose interest quickly.

Chances are, you have known a traveler that has lost on their travel investment because they were not properly insured. You also probably know someone who was able to protect their travel investment because they did their homework and got themselves suitable coverage. Tell those stories. If your client can relate to loss, protection and risk, they will better understand why travel protection is a good investment.

Ask a Question

Asking your clients the right questions, in regards to travel protection, will help them better understand the possibilities without making them defensive. If you tell your client their medicare coverage doesn’t apply overseas, it may make them feel as though they are in need of defending the coverage they have, even if it isn’t adequate. It is better to ask questions and help your client come to the realization there is a need for travel protection than it is to tell them they are wrong in their assumptions.

You Empower Them

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Cliche, I know, but this can have more than one meaning. You can lead your client to their dream vacation, but you cannot make them have the perfect trip. You cannot stop the clouds from moving in or the hurricane from landing on their destination’s door. Really, protecting their dream vacation is up to them, just like enjoying the sand between their toes is.

Shine light on how travel protection is a way to ensure they are traveling safe and securing their investment. When we are proactive in our lives, we put the what ifs behind us and take one step towards enjoy each moment for what it is and that is a good feeling.

Check out this infographic that can clear the air on travel protection


Travel Abroad Safely – Five Tips

Travel Abroad Safely – Tips For Being Safe – Insurance Protection
Do you have an international trip coming up? Consider Travel Insurance from TravelSafe and, consider the following safety tips. Here are some things you can do to stay safe and follow the cultural norms of the country you’re visiting? Follow these tips to make sure your trip is enjoyable and safe.

1. Stay on a well-lit path

Avoid shortcuts when walking in a new city – especially at night. Stay safe by staying on the main streets and ones that are well-lit.

2. Email a copy of your itinerary

Send a copy of all your travel documents – flights, hotel information, and a copy of your passport to a trusted person at home. This way, they will know exactly where you are and will have a copy in case you need it. In addition, send a quick email when you arrive in your destinations so that they know you made it safely.

3. Do your homework

It is important to learn about your destination. Learn about the general culture, rules, laws and people to avoid any faux pas or legal trouble. It is also smart to familiarize yourself with any current safety concerns. The U.S. Department of State’s list of  current travel warnings is a great resource to do just that.

4. Keep your friends close and money closer

It can be tempting, but don’t split up from your friends while abroad. It’s also important to keep your money close to you – either in a hidden arm wallet or something that can not easily be pulled out of a purse or backpack.

5. Protect yourself, your belongings and your travel arrangements with travel insurance

Your health insurance may provide no or little coverage once you leave the United States. If you or your travel companions have any medical issues, you want to make sure you are covered. Medical Emergency Evacuation is also important when traveling abroad. Should you or your travel companions need to be flown back to the United States for medical attention, you do not want that cost to be your responsibility. Let travel insurance take care of that.

Tell us – what’s the best tip you’ve ever gotten for staying safe while traveling abroad? Leave a comment with your tip below.

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