Carta Travel Connection Sees Success with TravelSafe

Carta Travel Connection is an agency specializing in customized travel packages for leisure, group, and corporate travelers. Since its foundation in 2012, it has grown significantly. It needed to find a travel insurance supplier that could meet its needs for service, protection, and payable commissions.

It partnered with TravelSafe. Five years later, Carta Travel Connection has experienced positive results – both with clients and the agency.

Carta Travel Connection is owned and operated by Joy Carta, a KHM Pinnacle Agent. She believes in being hands on with her clients by giving them an all-inclusive experience. She believes by offering a high level of service, you are giving your clients something the OTA’s simply can’t – personalization.

Operating mainly off of referrals, Carta Travel Connection has seen significant growth year over year.

Partnering Up For Future-Proofed Protection

Carta Travel Connection knew that travel insurance was a must have solution when the travel agency was founded in 2012. At the time, it was using only the packages offered by suppliers, but that just wasn’t enough. Clients who had pre-existing medical conditions or concerns with financial protection needed more.

“I knew I needed to offer better financial protection to my clients, but also better medical protection in case of emergencies,” explains Joy Carta, owner and travel agent at Carta Travel Connection.

She began to research insurance providers in the KHM Portal, and was posed with the decision between multiple providers – the problem was that the plan documents were often complicated, leaving the coverage difficult to understand. She began narrowing down her choices.

“I was then easily drawn to TravelSafe Insurance. Everything was straightforward and easy to follow,” says Joy. “Competitor sites were too complicated. Coverage was difficult to find and read through. With TravelSafe, I knew what my clients were getting up front.”

The agency began offering TravelSafe Insurance on April 28th, 2012. The Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Waiver, coverage for medical emergencies, and Cancel For Any Reason Benefit were just a few reasons why. The decision was also supported by the friendly staff and variety services available at TravelSafe.

“Working with TravelSafe is really easy. My questions are always answered and the staff is always willing to help. Not only do they have our backs, but they have our client’s backs as well. It’s a win-win!”

Joy Carta

Joy Carta
Carta Travel Connection

Using TravelSafe Insurance to Offer Broader Coverage

Joy knows she would have had a lot of unhappy clients over the years had she not been offering travel insurance. There could have been legal repercussions had insurance never been mentioned during the booking process and something happened on a trip.

Through personal experience and several client claims stories, Carta Travel Connection was able to see how broad TravelSafe’s coverage is, especially in comparison to suppliers.

“As someone with pre-existing medical conditions, I’ve used TravelSafe plans for coverage, and I am glad that I did. It’s how I know I am offering the right travel insurance to my clients.”

With today’s political climate, Carta Travel Connection wanted its clients to feel at ease when traveling domestic or abroad, and does so by offering the TravelSafe Classic, and always offers to add Cancel For Any Reason. It provides additional protection for unthinkable scenarios.

It is important for Carta’s clients to know they can cancel for things like terrorism, which is a covered reason for Trip Cancellation under the TravelSafe Vacation Protection Plans – without exclusions.

“Just a quarter way through the year, and I have already done $136,000 more business than I did in 2016. People aren’t afraid to travel. What’s important is educating your clients about their options should something occur. I educate them on the benefits of TravelSafe because it works.”

– Joy Carta

Increasing Revenue with Commissions & Reputation with Results

Partnering with TravelSafe has allowed Carta Travel Connection to increase its agency revenue all while boosting its reputation.

The commissions earned from partnering with TravelSafe go right back to her agency.

“I book a lot of air-only travel. Believe me, I don’t do it for the money, it’s because I believe in providing top-level services to my clients. TravelSafe plans are what provide me earnings in these situations.”

Take a family of 5 for example – five flight tickets booked. $1,635 to insure the five of them together with Classic Plus Plan, easily earning $400 in TravelSafe commission.

Carta Travel Connection’s earning potential with TravelSafe ranges from 25%-40%, depending on which product they sell. Many suppliers only offer commissions ranging from 10%-16%.

Business has started off strong for the agency so far in 2017. Operating mainly off of referrals, the agency expects to see significant growth in travel sales. As of May, it has booked 136K more than all of last year, which leads to projected 10.6% growth in travel insurance commissions with TravelSafe Insurance. Commission is usually received the month following premium purchase. Suppliers pay closer to departure, in case of cancellations.  

The claims service their clients receive, as the result of TravelSafe products, allows for Carta’s clients to  recover from loss – where they would have otherwise lost hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars.

“I have had clients who had purchased TravelSafe and experienced a claim. It changed the way they felt about my agency for the better.”

After one client had altitude sickness for a domestic trip to Colorado, they needed a private nurse and an air-flight to get home. Medicare would have never covered something like this, and it could have taken months to resolve. Because of Carta’s decision to use TravelSafe, the client was well taken care of with 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services.

“Working with TravelSafe was a great decision for my agency. When we sell travel, we have a duty to inform our clients of the different avenues they can take to limit risk. Here is how – by offering TravelSafe plans.”

– Joy Carta

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