24-Hour Assistance Service

One Call  provides 24-Hour Assistance with a broad range of services. Should you have a medical emergency, need legal assistance, need emergency travel arrangements, cash transfers, or real time weather reports, One Call can help. This non-insurance service is included in all TravelSafe Vacation Protection plans.

Always read your travel insurance policy for full coverage details.

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How One Call 24-Hour Assistance Works

One Call’s 24-Hour Assistance Services is a non-insurance service and is included in all of your plans. There is no limit to the amount of times you can call for assistance. One Call is it’s own company whose services are included with TravelSafe plans.

To call One Call phone:

Within U.S.A. & Canada 800-555-9095

Outside of the U.S.A. & Canada 603-894-4710


24-Hour Assistance Services are provided by One Call Worldwide Travel Services Network Inc. It is especially important to read your plan documents to understand the full benefits and exclusions.


What’s Provided by 24-Hour Assistance Services 

Medical Assistance

If you need medical assistance while traveling, One Call is available to help ensure you are receiving appropriate care. Their multi-lingual professionals are available 24 hours a day to provide help, advice and referrals for medical emergencies. They’ll help you locate physicians, dentists, or medical facilities.  

Medical Consultation and Monitoring

If you are hospitalized, they will contact you and your treating physician to monitor your condition and assure that you are receiving appropriate care. They will asses any need for further assistance. One Call will also contact your personal physician and family at home when necessary or requested to keep them informed of your situation.

Medical Evacuation

When medically necessary, One Call will arrange and pay for appropriate transportation, including an escort, if required, to a suitable hospital, treatment facility or home. Payment for Medical Evacuation is available only for covered claims and up to the amount of coverage provided in the policy. All medical transportation services must be authorized and arranged by One Call. In the event of an unauthorized Medical Evacuation, reimbursement may be limited or coverage may be invalidated.

Emergency Medical Payments

There are medical facilities and hospitals abroad that will require payment  to secure your admission for treatment. One Call can assist you in the advancement of funds or guarantee payments (up to policy limits) to a hospital or other medical provider.

Prescription Assistance

If your medications are lost, stolen, or spoiled during your trip, One Call can help make arrangements to replace those medications.

Repatriation of Remains

If your death occurs while on your trip, One call will arrange for the preparation and transportation required to return your remains to your home.

24-Hour Legal Assistance

If you encounter legal problems while on your trip, One Call can help find a legal advisor. If you are required to post bail or provide immediate payment of legal fees, One Call can assist you in arranging funds transfer from family or friends.

Nurse Helpline

Registered nurses are available 24-hours a day before and during your trip to provide general health information, clinical assessment, and health counseling to give you assistance in making appropriate health care decisions.

Access to Your Medical Records Online

One Call provides exclusive access to their Free Global XPI Service. You can assure that your important medical records are available to your or any physician chosen by you, at any time, anywhere in the world, quickly, wherever there is internet access available.

One Call Travel Solutions

Travel opens the door to countless experiences, but there are also risks. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you may need help communicating with your family and loved ones. One Call can let them know you’re safe and what your future travel arrangements will look like. They can also help with any interpretation services you may need throughout all of this.

Here are the travel solutions available through One Call:

  • Messaging Services
  • Language Interpretation Services
  • Emergency Cash Transfer
  • Pre-Trip Travel Services
  • Travel Document and Ticket Replacement

One Call Concierge Services

You may find yourself aboard and struggling with what to do. Maybe your travel arrangements fell through, your restaurant reservation was cancelled, or you need something to do to kill extra time. One Call’s Concierge Service can help.

You can call One Call for the following:

  • Restaurant, shopping, hotel recommendations/reservations
  • Local transport (rental car/limousine, etc.) information and reservations
  • Sporting, theatre, nightlife and event information (sport scored, stock quotes, gift suggestions, etc.), recommendations and ticketing
  • Golf course information, referrals, recommendations and tee times
  • Tracking and assisting with the return of lost or delayed baggage

There may be a time where you have an emergency related that is work related. You can use One Call to help handle the calls and communications.

One Call Business Services

  • Emergency correspondence and business communication assistance
  • Assistance with locating business services (like delivery sites)
  • Assistance with or arrangements for conferencing
  • Emergency messaging to customers, associates, and others by phone, fax, email, text, etc.
  • Real time weather, travel delay and flight status information
  • Emergency travel arrangements


Important Plan Information

Not all coverages apply to the TravelSafe Basic Plan. Benefits in this website are described on a general basis only. There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all coverages and services. This web page does not constitute or form any part of the Plan Document or any other contract of any kind. Plan benefits limits, and provisions may vary by state jurisdiction or may not be available in all states. It is important to read your plan documents to have a full understanding of the coverage available to you.

To review full plan details (Basic – T925B, Classic – T925C, Classic Plus – T925P) go online https://agent.travelsafe.com/consumer/documents. Any questions regarding TravelSafe Plans can be answered by calling 888-885-7233.