Non-Medical Evacuation

If you are traveling and face the dangers of natural disasters or political/civil unrest, you may need Non-Medical Evacuation to get to safety. TravelSafe’s Classic Plan arranges transportation to a place of safety if evacuation is required by the U.S. Department of State.

This is a brief overview of benefits that may be available to you. Always be sure to read your travel insurance policy for full details.

How Non-Medical Evacuation Pays

You may need emergency  transportation to safety in the event of natural disaster, political unrest, or civil unrest. TravelSafe will cover up to $25,000 in non-medical evacuation expenses. This is dependent upon which plan you purchase, so be sure to read your policy.

Formal Recommendation Required   

In order to be eligible for this benefit while on your trip, a formal recommendation in the form of a travel advisory or travel warning from the U.S. Department of State must be issued for you to leave the country you are visiting due to the following:

  • A natural disaster
  • Civil, military or political unrest, or
  • You being expelled or declared a persona non-grata by a country you are visiting on your trip


Time Constraints

The Non-Medical Evacuation must occur within 14 days of any covered event.


It is especially important to read your plan documents. Read the exclusions to understand what will disqualify travelers from Emergency Medical Evacuation.

Non-Medical Evacuation Exclusion: We do not cover:

  1. Loss or expense recoverable under any other insurance or through an employer
  2. Loss or expense arising from attributable to:
    1. Fraudulent or criminal acts committed or attempted by you;
    2. Alleged violation of the laws of the country You are visiting, unless We determine such allegations to be fraudulent, or
    3. Failure to maintain required documents or visas
  3. Loss or expense arising from or attributable to:
    1. Debt, insolvency, business or commercial failure;
    2. The repossession of any property; or
    3. Your noncompliance with a contract, license or permit
  4. Loss or expense arising from or due to liability assumed by You under any contract

Important Plan Information

Not all coverages apply to the TravelSafe Basic Plan. Benefits in this website are described on a general basis only. There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all coverages and services. This web page does not constitute or form any part of the Plan Document or any other contract of any kind. Plan benefits limits, and provisions may vary by state jurisdiction or may not be available in all states. The Pre-Existing Condition exclusion is waived (under the Classic and Classic Plus Plans only) provided You have purchased the plan within 21 days of the date of your initial trip deposit and you are not disabled from travel at the time you purchase this your plan. It is important to read your plan documents to have a full understanding of the coverage available to you.

To review full plan details for each plan visit our plan documents page. Any questions regarding TravelSafe Plans can be answered by calling 888-885-7233.